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Top 50 prep.
with highest frequency
1aboutindicating the topic of something.
2aboveindicating something being at a higher level or position than something else.
3acrossindicating movement from one side to the opposite side of something.
4afterindicating the time or event occurring later than another time or event.
5againstindicating physical contact with someone or something.
6alongindicating movement in the same direction as something else.
7amongindicating being a member of a group or in the midst of something.
8aroundindicating movement in a circular direction or surrounding something.
9atindicating the location or time of an event.
10beforeindicating the time or event occurring earlier than another time or event.
11behindindicating being at the back of something or someone.
12betweenindicating the relationship of two things or people when they are separated by something else.
13beyondindicating something being at or to the further side of something else.
14butindicating a contrast or something that is not part of something else.
15byindicating the means or method of doing something.
16concerningindicating something that relates to or is about something.
17despiteindicating something happening despite a circumstance or obstacle.
18downindicating movement in a lower direction.
19duringindicating a period of time when an event is taking place.
20exceptindicating exclusion or something that is not included.
21followingindicating occurring after something else.
22forindicating the purpose or intended use of something.
23fromindicating the source or origin of something.
24inindicating being located inside an enclosed space.
25includingindicating the presence of someone or something as part of a larger group.
26intoindicating movement from the outside to the inside of something.
27likeindicating similarity or resemblance between two things.
28nearindicating being close or in proximity to something or someone.
29ofindicating the relationship between a part and a whole.
30offindicating separation or disconnection.
31onindicating physical contact with a surface or being positioned on top of something.
32outindicating movement away from the inside of something.
33overindicating movement from one side to another side of something.
34plusindicating addition or inclusion.
35sinceindicating the time period from a past event until now.
36throughindicating movement from one side of something to the other side.
37throughoutindicating something that occurs or exists in every part of a place or thing.
38toindicating the direction or movement towards a place or person.
39towardsindicating movement in the direction of something.
40underindicating physical contact with the lower surface of something.
41untilindicating the end of a period of time.
42upindicating movement in a higher direction.
43uponindicating something happening immediately after something else.
44withindicating the accompanying presence of someone or something.
45withinindicating being inside or contained within something.
46withoutindicating the absence or lack of something.