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Essential Words
4000 Essential English Words sentence
1AlmightyBefore eating, they thanked the Almighty for their food.
2AugustIs your birthday in August?
3BibleI read the Bible every night before I go to sleep.
4CatholicRosanne is Catholic, so she goes to church every Sunday.
5CelsiusWater freezes at zero degrees Celsius.
6DNAThe police sometimes use DNA to solve crime.
7DecemberThe last day of the year is December 31st.
8FALSEIf you think the answer is false, press the red button.
9FahrenheitWhen the temperature dropped to 32° Fahrenheit, it started snowing.
10JanuaryMy birthday is in January.
11JulyHer birthday is in July.
12MandarinAlthough John’s parents both spoke Mandarin, he could only speak English.
13RenaissanceLeonardo da Vinci was a popular artist of the Renaissance.
14abandonThe old room had been abandoned years before.
15abbeyWhen the monk returned to the abbey, he went immediately to his bedroom.
16abilityHis swimming abilities let him cross the entire lake.
17abnormalI felt abnormal this morning, like I was sick.
18aboardThey climbed aboard the kayak and paddled through the river.
19abolishPresident Lincoln abolished slavery in the US.
20aboveHe straightened the sign that was above the crowd.
21abroadMy friend is going on a summer trip abroad.
22abruptWhen the dancer fell down on her back, the ballet came to an abrupt stop.
23absenceThere is an absence of sand in the hourglass.
24absentI was absent from school yesterday because I went on a trip with my father.
25absorbHe used a sponge to absorb the water on the floor.
26abstractThe idea of beauty is abstract and changes over time.
27absurdThat group of people making animal noises sounds completely absurd.
28abundantCakes, cookies, and candy were so abundant that the child was very happy.
29abuseThe mean man abused his dog when it barked too loudly.
31academyThere are many courses taught at the academy that I go to.
32accelerateWhen he stepped on the gas pedal, the motorcycle accelerated.
33accentThe new teacher’s accent was clearly a German one.
34acceptI accepted the girl’s very nice gift.
36accessThe manager was the only person with access to the password.
37accessoryThe store sold colorful accessories like bags, sunglasses, and makeup.
38accidentHe damaged the car in an accident.
39accommodateThe meeting room can accommodate nine people.
40accompanyMy brothers accompanied me to the movie.
41accomplishHe accomplished his goal of running ten miles.
42accordinglyHe feels like he did a good job and his boss should pay him accordingly.
43accountAfter I paid for the new car, my bank account was nearly empty.
44accountablePolitical leaders are accountable to the people they represent.
45accountantThe accountant helped us keep track of our spending.
46accountingHe works for an accounting firm.
47accumulateThe mail accumulated in their mailbox while they were on vacation.
48accurateThe story in the newspaper wasn’t very accurate.
49accuseShe accused her brother of breaking her computer.
50accustomI find it difficult to accustom myself to new time zones when I travel around the world.