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Essential Words
4000 Essential English Words meaning
1AlmightyThe Almighty is a name for a god in a religion.
2AugustAugust is the eighth month of the year.
3BibleThe Bible is the book of sacred writing in the Christian religion.
4CatholicA Catholic thing or person is one that is connected with the Roman Catholic Church.
5CelsiusCelsius is a scale for measuring temperature.
6DNADNA is the short form of deoxyribonucleic acid.
7DecemberDecember is the twelfth month of the year.
8FALSEIf something is false, it is not correct.
9FahrenheitFahrenheit is a temperature scale where water freezes at 32° and boils at 212°.
10JanuaryJanuary is the first month of the year.
11JulyThe seventh month of the year is July.
12MandarinMandarin is one of the two main Chinese languages.
13RenaissanceThe Renaissance was a period between the 14th and 17th centuries.
14abandonTo abandon something is to leave it forever or for a long time.
15abbeyAn abbey is a house, or group of houses, where monks or nuns live.
16abilityAbility is the quality of a person being able to do something well.
17abnormalIf something is abnormal, it is different from normal or average.
18aboardSomeone aboard a ship or plane is in or on it.
19abolishTo abolish something means to put an end to it, such as a system or law.
20aboveIf something is above, it is at a higher level than something else.
21abroadAn action done abroad is done in a different country.
22abruptIf something is abrupt, it is sudden or unexpected.
23absenceAbsence is the state of something being away.
24absentIf someone or something is absent, they are missing or not in the place they are expected to be.
25absorbTo absorb a liquid means to take it inside.
26abstractAn abstract thing is an idea or thought, not a physical thing.
27absurdIf something or someone is absurd, they are ridiculous.
28abundantIf something is abundant, then it is available in large quantities.
29abuseTo abuse means to hurt someone or something on purpose.
30academicWhen something is academic, it relates to schools and education.
31academyAn academy is a special type of school.
32accelerateTo accelerate means to increase in speed.
33accentAn accent is a certain way of speaking that shows where a person is from.
34acceptTo accept something that is offered is to take it.
35acceptanceAcceptance is when people agree that an idea, statement, explanation, etc., is right or true.
36accessAccess is the right to enter or use something.
37accessoryAn accessory is a thing that is added to another thing to make it look better.
38accidentAn accident is unexpected, and may cause some trouble.
39accommodateTo accommodate is to have enough room.
40accompanyTo accompany other people means to join them or go with them.
41accomplishTo accomplish something means to finish it.
42accordinglyIf someone acts accordingly, they act in a way that is suitable.
43accountAn account with a bank is an arrangement to keep one’s money there.
44accountableWhen someone is accountable, he or she is responsible for the effects of his or her actions.
45accountantAn accountant is a person whose job is to keep financial accounts for a business.
46accountingPeople study accounting so they can deal with money and finance properly.
47accumulateTo accumulate something is to collect a lot of it over time.
48accurateIf something is accurate, it is completely correct.
49accuseTo accuse someone of something is to blame them for doing it.
50accustomTo accustom oneself to something is to get used to it.